Salted Almond Butter Chocolate Balls

Also known as crack balls…. Paleo Barbie nailed it with this one. I’ve always been a peanut butter addict eating by the spoonfuls. It took me some time to get used to the almond butter taste, but don’t you worry….they go down by the spoonful now too. I especially like the Open Nature brand of salted almond butter. This treat is so easy to make and would be great to get the little people in your lives involved.


1/2 cup almond butter (I used Open Nature Salted and creamy)

1/2 cup almond flour (Bob’s Red Mill)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 cup soy-free dark chocolate (Enjoy Life)

Coarse sea salt


1. Mix almond butter, almond flour and vanilla in a bowl

2. Roll into small balls and set on a tray covered in parchment paper (mine were about the size of ping pong balls)

3. Cool butter balls for about 30 minutes in the fridge

4. Melt dark chocolate in a pan on the stove (I added a splash of Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk to make it a little more creamy)

5. Roll butter balls in the melted chocolate to coat them and place them back on the parchment paper

6. Sprinkle with coarse sea salt

7. Cool again in the fridge for about 30 minutes or until the chocolate is set. The freezer is also a good option…and quicker!

8. Enjoy!! They would pair well with a nice glass of red wine, almond milk, or your morning coffee. These are totally acceptable for anytime of the day since they’re healthy, right??

Just be careful because they’re addictive!!



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