Valentine’s Day Dinner

I’ve been dying over all of the valentines table scapes I’ve been seeing on Instagram and I’m so mad I don’t have the red Lenox Plates that have been used in several posts. Anyway, I stopped worrying about what I don’t have and recreated my own table with what I do have. Hence, a fancy dinner party and delicious meal. When thinking about what to cook, I wanted to do something easy that wasn’t going to leave me cleaning dishes all night. Steaks are always a favorite in our house but I wanted something a little more special. In comes the idea to top it with crab instead of our go to of mushrooms and onions. My crab dip is SO easy to make and a crowd pleaser.


1lb lump crab meat

1/4c full fat unsweetened coconut milk


1/2c Sir Kensington’s mayo


Old Bay

1/2 lemon, juiced

1tbsp Franks Hot Sauce

1tbsp Dijon mustard

Mix all ingredients together and bake 20 min at 350.

Topped off with homemade chocolate mousse and easy chocolates!! Stay tuned for that recipe! I don’t think I’ll ever buy chocolate again.

I love the way my table ended up and now I’m really in the Valentines mood!


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