Princess Reeve is 3

When they say the days are long but the years are short… they ain’t kidding. I can’t believe that my baby girl will be 3 years old at the stroke of midnight.

I always like to celebrate birthdays, but my husband works tomorrow and through the weekend, so there’s not much time for a party. We decided to do low key with family and a friend from school. I’m not sure if it was any less stressful because let’s face it, I am who I am. But there was definitely less cleanup.

I served pasta (red sauce and plain) sausage and peppers, yogurt for the kids, and tomato, mozzarella, cucumber salad. Easy.

The cake was a simple mills box. The Vanilla cake and cupcake mix (I think it’s great) with coconut buttercream and strawberry filling from Sweet Laurels Bakery Cookbook. From what I’ve seen in the cookbook I’m very excited with my purchase and can’t wait to bake more. And have friends who like to taste test 😉.

When hosting parties I try not to push my eating habits on other people but also offer several options to be able to eat healthy or not. I knew the kids would most likely not be excited about a “paleo cake” so I made a family recipe sugar cookie with royal icing and my husband grabbed some perfect mini strawberry cupcakes. (I could’ve cried when he got back from the grocery store with pink cupcakes.. and everything on the list.)

It was a great evening and a simple celebration; my sweet girl had a blast. I’ll be here wondering how I have a 3 year old…


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