Easter Basket Ideas

Have you ever noticed how many candy holidays there are? When my kids wake up to candy, it’s not like they say “ok, I’ll have one piece and spread all this candy out over the next couple weeks”. It’s a free for all and they try to shove in as much candy as possible before I hide it. That’s why I limit candy (unless it’s Halloween, they get a pass). Depending what my kids (3 and 4) are interested in, I usually go with that theme for a basket and then get one shared gift that’s from mommy and daddy. We splurged one year and went for a water table 🤣. This year, they got new bikes. Not necessarily shared, but they both outgrew their old bikes! Sticking to the basket though, my choices are below:

Play doh- not my favorite, but the kids love it and it’s great for building hand strength.

Bathing suit/beach towel- with summer approaching you’ll be buying new anyway, why not let the bunny take care of it?

Flip flops/sunglasses- always a hit with my kids.

Coloring book/crayons/stickers- depending how old your kids are, swap the crayons for markers. Activities are always fun.

Books- from superheroes to princesses, books are always a good choice. I chose a small prayer book for this year.

Costume jewelry/lipgloss- my daughter is a GIRLY girl. She always loves putting my lipstick and jewelry on. There’s play makeup that would fit nicely in an Easter basket. My son loves dress up masks and hats.

Toothbrush/toothpaste- if my kids haven’t picked up on it yet, Santa and the Easter Bunny are both big on oral healthcare 🤣 stockings and Easter baskets every year. We get the themed spinbrush ones

Small nerf guns- both of my kids are getting a small nerf gun this year. I’m sure I’m going to regret all the little bullets

My kids do get candy in their baskets. I limit it to a few pieces though and try to find unique candy. I picked up a few things at Homegoods for this year. I just try to stick to candy they don’t see often. Happy Easter!!


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