Swanky Plates in Spanish Dinnerware Collection

Swanky Animal Plates in Spanish Collection

Bring a taste of Spain to your dining table with our stunning Swanky Animal Plates in Spanish Collection.

Our Spanish Collection is Inspired by the vibrant colors and rich culture of Spain, and it features intricate designs and bold patterns. Also, each plate is carefully crafted with the highest quality materials and is perfect for adding a touch of Spanish flair to any meal.

Whether you’re enjoying tapas with friends, a romantic dinner for two, or simply want to add some international charm to your home, our Spanish collection of plates is the perfect choice. 

Using our exquisite selection of dinnerware—prepare to embrace the Spanish culture and turn each meal into a fiesta!

Here’s the list of our Spanish Collection

1. Triathlete Shark

Unleash your inner athlete with our Triathlete Shark Swanky Plate—featuring a bold and edgy design. Whether you’re a triathlete yourself or just fond of sharks, this is the perfect design for you!

2. Lion General

This stunning plate features a regal illustration of a Lion in all its glory, and the exquisite design of the plate makes it a versatile piece that can complement any decoration or style. But you can also let the lion’s strength and power inspire you as you enjoy your meal!

3. Matador Bull

This stunning plate captures the excitement and intensity of the traditional Spanish bullfight, and It’s the ideal way to infuse some passion and excitement into your dining experience, regardless of whether you’re a fan of bullfighting or not.

4. Purple Shades Llama.

Add a pop of color and fun to your dining experience with Our Purple Shades Llama Plate. This playful and vibrant plate features an adorable llama design with a quirky twist—a pair of cool purple shades! 

The bright and bold colors of our Swanky Animal Plates make them a standout piece that will add some excitement to any table setting.

Whether you’re hosting a brunch, having a picnic, or simply want to brighten up your everyday meals, this collection is the perfect way to do it. So, get ready to add some personality and humor to your dining experience, and make sure to order yours today!

Don’t forget to check https://swankyplates.com/ and our Instagram for more designs.

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